About Me

I bought my first deck when I was 14 or 15. It was the Classic Tarot. I carried that deck around like my baby. My first reading was for my mom, on her deathbed. After that, I read for anyone that asked or seemed to need answers. I used that deck exclusively for 19 years, and then I discovered how many more decks lived in the world. So much beauty!

I love Tarot. I love the art, the possibilities in each card, the different interpretations, the way they shuffle, the slick feeling of new cardstock and the well-loved feeling of older decks. I love the connection I have with the people I am lucky enough to read for. I think that reading is a sacred act, and I treat it as such.

I prefer to read the shape of you, rather than a specific spread. I can learn as much about you in the absence of cards as I can in the cards themselves.

I am a teacher, a priestess, mother, and wife, and I look forward to reading for you.